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In 2010 I started an oilfield trucking company that rapidly gained recognition as a quality and well-run company. I quickly realized that there was a problem with the Getty Box connections and noticed that a majority of them had small leaks at the hinge and back wall locations that created spills on the ground.

I started to work on a design concept that would be
leak and spill proof and after many prototypes and pending patents, our team came up with the final solution, the Getty Box Gizmo. Leaks and drips will now be a thing of the past due to our innovative design.  

I was born and raised in North Dakota. I love to teach, work on technical writing and tinker with things to improve them for everyday use. That is what pushed me to make the Getty Box Gizmo. I recognized the need to change the product to help protect the environment and help the oil industry with the green initiative. 


For any additional information, please reach out to us and we would be glad to help.

Arthur Hovde


Phone: 612-859-9788

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